Chiropractic Care Is A Phased Process

We tend to think of going to the chiropractor when something goes awry. The twinge in the back nags us after a weekend’s gardening or we swing around too quickly and we get a crick in the neck.

That’s when many of us think about a visit to the chiropractor where we think of the appointment as a one-off, after which we walk out ‘better’.

When you think about it like that, we are acknowledging the practice can help us so perhaps it is worth considering that it is a complete wellness approach for it to be really effective a visit to the chiropractor should have three distinct phases.

Stage one – relief care

This is the part with which we are familiar. Something hurts and we go get it fixed. It might take a visit or two, but soon enough we feel better and abracadabra, relief.

Stage two – corrective care

This point in treatment is about correcting the underlying problems. In the relief stage you have to deal with the immediate issues, but unless the muscles and tissues have had a chance to repair properly, you are risking the problem coming back.

Lastly, wellness care

This is all about the long-term. Now your body is back in shape, you can look at taking care of it. This might involve exercise or improving your diet. The goal is to maintain your attained standards and keep them going.

This might include ‘tune-up’ visits to the chiropractor to keep you on track and reduce the possibility of further concerns.

wellness approach

If this seems a little over the top, try to put it into perspective. You have only got the one body, you need it to function for a long time if you want a good quality of life.